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Organization of METI-KYUSHU

Last Update : July 27, 2018

General Coordination and Policy Planning Department

General Affairs Division

Information Disclosure, Personal Information Protection and Policy Evaluation Office
Public Relations and Information Systems Office

Policy Planning Division

Budget and Accounts Division

Research Division

Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Office

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International Affairs Department

International Affairs Division

Supports the overseas business expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises; is responsible for the permission and approval of imports and exports; sets tariff quotas

International Policy Planning and Research Division

Disseminates a range of information on the actual status of the internationalization of the Kyushu region

For your further understanding of Kyushu, ”PROFILE OF KYUSHU” gives you information about infrastructure, economic scale, growth strategy, major industries or sightseeing spots of Kyushu.


International Project Promotion Division

Implements international exchange projects through dispatching missions abroad, etc.

International Investment Promotion Division

“Business Environment in Kyushu” explains the strong points of Kyushu as an excellent investment destination: its vicinity to Asia, wealth of industries such as automobiles and semiconductors, and research and development capacity.

“Business Environment in Kyushu” can be downloaded HERE(PDF:3,452KB)PDF Document.

You can find “Interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Kyushu” and “Support for Investment in Japan by Local Governments” from HERE.

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Economic Policy Department

Economic Policy Division

Competition Enhancement Office
Office for Proper Transfer of Consumption Tax

New Business Promotion Division

Industrial Support Division

Industrial Technology Division

Intellectual Property Office

Information Policy Division

Manufacturing Industries Division

Investment in the regional future promotion Office

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Industries Department

Industries Division

Office for Innovation and Support of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Alcohol Office
Financial Inspection Office for Small and Medium Enterprises

Consumer Affairs Division

Consumer Advice Office
Product Safety Office

Distribution and Service Industries Division

Commerce Promotion Office
Advisory Office for Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law

Small and Medium Enterprise Division

Office for Proper Transfer of Consumption Tax
Small And Medium Enterprise Finance Office
Small And Medium Enterprise Business Support Office
Promotion Office for Reconstruction

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Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Department

Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Division

Public Relations Office for Environmental and Energy Policy

Environmental Protection and Recycling Division

Energy Policy Division

Electricity and Gas Industry Division

Petroleum Division

Mining Division

Mine Damage Division

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Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

2-11-1 Hakataeki-Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8546, Japan